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Two thousand businesses, here we go!

There is something that few talk about, and that is how much businesses and professionals, in general, can do if they work together to provide services and products to a community.

Many elements are beneficial when creating a network. One is access to a wealth of crucial information, ranging from recommendations from other people in the room to long-term growth strategies. Another is the help of experts in problem-solving.

As if that were not enough, networks of this type allow you to build relationships for free. They are a meeting point for business owners and professionals; they generate an interconnection of potential customers and are an optimal place for businesses to grow.

And that’s just the naked eye

At Klinklin, we invite two thousand businesses from more than 30 different categories to join the Let’s Klin community. Together we sell products and services to a thriving market such as the Latino market. It has more than 62 million people in the United States, whose Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is the 7th largest in the world.

Latinos are the future consumers, yet they need to receive all the services they require in the way they need them. Still, a Latino business community may be the answer to changing this reality.

In recent weeks, more than 700 businesses have joined Hagamos Klin, forming the basis of a vast community that aims to provide services and sell more, mainly to Latinos worldwide. Doctors, influencers, artists, lawyers, businesses such as travel agencies, food delivery or money transfer apps, teachers, and others have joined.

Why two thousand businesses?

Like everything that begins, it needs proof. Two thousand businesses is not a goal but rather a point. The team will assess the infrastructure and test the servers to see if consumption is as expected and if everything is working correctly.

In addition, we will evaluate if the number of people in the user support team is necessary. We will take all the measures based on our analysis. It is vital that the support works perfectly and can scale with the arrival of more businesses on the platform.

Last but not least. Once the app is released, the Klinklin team will help the first two thousand businesses to prepare their work environment and integrate their everyday chores with Klinklin.

It will be essential to assess whether the initial forecasts were correct and determine the steps to take. To reach two thousand businesses on the platform, we are contacting many people showcasing the app, how we can sell more, and how they can join the community.

If you have any questions about how to join the community, here is a link to our Telegram group where you can enter and find out everything 🙂

Once the two thousand businesses registered in the app have been reached, entry will temporarily become by invitation. At the same time, the infrastructure tests are carried out.

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