About Klinklin

Welcome to Klinklin, the platform for the Let’s Klin community. You can meet your PROSs while working online, and they’ll be happy to help you.


Create all means for people to receive help in the most affordable way.

Press Kit and Assets


Easing professionals with access to the best resources online.

We want to help more people get help and help professionals get paid the amount they deserve. If relationships between people and professionals could run in an environment with updated economic and technological rules, humanity’s most significant problems would diminish.

Who are we?

We are a team of Cuban entrepreneurs who live in the US, Cuba, Spain, and Israel. Carlos Garcia, the founder, comes from a family of doctors who worked for over 18 years in Africa. He is an SXSW / TechCrunch speaker and serial entrepreneur.


Let's Klin community ambassador


Actress, model and nutritionist who spans international borders.

C Level Management

Founder / CEO
Second time founder, specialized in product dev and decentralized tech. SXSW/Techcrunch speaker. Developed products in Germany, Cuba, Angola and the U.S.
20+ years related to technology start-ups, business dev, legal and contractual negotiations, diversity, inclusion compliance and international relations.

Hispanic Market Advisors


Cuban market consultant, CEO largest Cuban business incubator.


Hispanic market strategist for 500 fortune companies, diplomat and travel specialist.

WeFunder & Investor Relations

Investment Manager
Bibiana Alvarez
Doctor, specialist of general integral dentistry and wellness consultant.

Operations & Marketing

Lead of Operations
Ana Garcia

Chef, poet, book author, craftswoman, and entrepreneur.

Jessica Lau
Doctor, book author, emotional therapist and music healer.
Lead Copywriter
Laura Brunet
Journalist, marketing copywriter, and podcast producer.


Lead Developer

Adrian Oviedo

Senior AWS architect, senior full stack dev specialist in React/React Native.

Mobile Developer
Rober Abraira

Senior mobile dev in Android and iOS, specialist in react native and entrepreneur.

Api Developer
Yoel Bravo

Senior full stack dev specialist in React.js, Graphql and api architecture.

Lead DevOps
Eder Despaigne

18 years exp as devops, mainly AWS solutions, DevOps/SecOps/FinOps, and serverless.

Jorge K
SEO Architect
Jorge Cabrera
Software engineer, talks about SEO, consultant and marketing strategist.