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Meet Now: instant access to your services and products!

Meet Now Experience

In the past, a business needed a physical office to serve the public during a specific schedule. To reach many people, they used printed and tv advertising.

Social networks changed this by combining advertising and the option of having an Internet presence for the public to interact with the business.

The reality demonstrated that a business needs to interact with customers in 1:1 sessions in addition to working on public communication. For this, we use today around ten tools. We require Zoom, Calendly, and a payment method. All these tools combined are expensive and need help from people with technical knowledge to set them up in one place.

At Klinklin, we created the experience called “Meet Now” to simplify how we serve the public. We integrated it with other application tools and delivered them free to businesses. We removed the barrier associated with the cost of working online. Another great addition was to provide the best Internet support to help you create your virtual office, which we call “One Click Away.”

What is “Meet Now”?

“Meet Now” is an experience of quick and direct access to services and products of influencers and businesses in Klinklin. We are inspired by the simplicity of a traditional business when you put a sign at the entrance saying: “We are OPEN” and “We are CLOSED.” In Klinklin, with the touch of a button, people can enter and access the services and products of the professional and business without having to establish a previous contact. You are open, and I “Meet Now” by chat, audio, and video.

With this new “Meet Now” experience, the business decides how they want to work, customizing Klinklin to their style. An entrepreneur starting to work individually on the Internet has different needs than an already established business with a work team. Everyone can use the “Meet Now” experience.

How does it work?

Joining Klinklin for a business is just a matter of downloading the free app. Once downloaded, they create their profile and upload their logo.

The LIVE work tab has several options to customize how they want to work with their audience through options with a minimalist design. The main options are how much they will price their private sessions or whether they will be free. They decide if they will work independently or with a team and the social networks they want to associate with their Klinklin account.

For example, an artist works publicly in the morning with his social media audience interacting with him. In the afternoon, he attends the private sessions his clients have booked for him. On the other hand, a doctor works more privately during the day, giving sessions for a rate. And a business that provides customer support through free sessions does so 24 hours a day using their support team. Everyone uses Klinklin according to their needs.

Free sessions play a significant role within the platform because businesses of any size can use Klinklin 100% to serve their audience instantly without charging for sessions. We already mentioned customer support, and we have many other examples within the Let’s Klin community. Travel agencies use Klinklin and sell their tickets through their payment gateway. Vendors use Klinklin to answer their customers’ questions while making samples of their products.

If the business charges per session, they can set their rate or Klinklin’s rate. Starting each session, the client accepts the rate. In the end, the application automatically charges their credit card according to the time used. Klinklin charges only the minutes consumed, and businesses can check their balance for everything they have earned.

Users save money by paying only for the duration of the session and decide how long they want to be in the session. For example, with a lawyer who charges $200 per hour, in a session of only 5 minutes, the client can ask the questions he wants, and in the end, he pays less than $17.

If you want to know more about how “Meet Now” works, enter our Telegram channel and send us all your questions. Surely a team member will answer you very soon.

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