Community of influencers, individual professionals and teams.
Working together for the Latino community in the US.


Businesses joined the community, and counting
Why Latinos?
1 out of 3
People in the US will speak Spanish in 2050.
Of Latinos in the US grew 8.6%, more than China and India.
Prefer to shop at services that highlight their language, traditions and culture.
People in the US are of Latino origin and they represent 18%.
Spend $2.6T
Per year on products and services in the US.
The Spanish

It is the 2nd language in native speakers in the world, only after Mandarin Chinese.

How can you join the community?

We promote the community through actions where we integrate more businesses, pass on information about what we do and invest in Klinklin, the platform that is transforming the way of working online.

  1. Spread the word about the #letsklin movement to your contacts.
  2. Share on social media what your business or profession is and tag it #letsklin.
  3. Invite the Let’s Klin ambassador to a LIVE chat on Instagram and Facebook to share information about your business.
  4. Register in the app to know the launch day.
  5. Invest in Klinklin and own shares on the platform.

Klinklin is the first live streaming network where clients can instantly meet their favorite professionals.

Only 2,000 spots are available, later will be by invitation only.