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Since the first time it was discussed starting to invite businesses and individual professionals to the Let’s Klinklin community, it was clear that the team needed to keep in communication with them, answer questions in real-time, and work together.

What is a community, if not a group of people with common characteristics or interests? That question led us to create social media profiles for Klinklin and set up a Telegram group to share our work with those in the Hispanic community interested in joining.

We started the Telegram group with influencers, business owners, professionals, entrepreneurs, and the Klinklin team itself.

The first name of the group was “Únete a Klinklin” (“Join Klinklin” in Spanish), and when the group became part of the community, we changed the name to “Hagamos Klin” (“Let’s Klin” in Spanish). Today, more than 460 businesses are sharing how we can work together to sell products and services to Latinos in the US.

Why did we choose Telegram as the direct communication channel with the community?

Telegram is very popular among Latinos, as it is one of the most used messaging applications. This app is available on any device, and it’s free.

Telegram groups can have up to 200,000 users. It’s possible to imagine a community with that many professionals and businesses! It would be great, considering how active and cooperative the people in the group are.

Although Let’s Klin brings together different businesses on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, the Spanish-speaking Telegram group has brought together the most people, and the activity has been almost daily. Questions to the team and comments among the members have been usual.

During Antler

We updated everyone in the community about Klinklin’s progress during Antler and the steps taken to unite the entire community. Every time 100 new businesses joined, the whole community celebrated. It was the point to be aware of community talks on other channels. The pitch deck used to introduce Klinklin to Antler was also revised.

The feedback the companies have provided has been essential to move forward and to understand that we were not just making an app but also uniting opinion leaders from various markets interested in working together to serve the Latino community.

If you have questions about Klinklin, join the group and leave your inquiry. Someone from the team will answer you right away 😉 Here is the link

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